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Enclosed please find pictures of miniatures and blisters which I'd like to trade for other miniatures. I'm especially interested in goblinoids sculpts for 2nd and 3rd edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Undead from the same era and some other later sculpts of Vampire Counts.
Warzone and Chronopia miniatures are for sale and I prefer to sell larger quantities - at least ten miniatures.

Pictures show just about 1/5 of my miniatures for trading. I will add more photos, especially old Citadel stuff, in coming days. If You are interested in some trade or buying or You have any questions about my figures for trade, just write a comment please.

I'm also looking for miniatures shown on the pictures below:

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  1. Cześć, jestem zainteresowany zakupem 11 sztuk figurek do Warzone, prośba o kontakt na kudry MAŁPA o2 KROPKA pl. Pozdrawiam!

  2. Cześć
    Kontaktuje się w sparwie sisterek. Proszę o maila na "kacpergacek małpa kropka pl"

  3. Hey!
    Interested in buying the pygmies!
    Any way to contact you?

    1. You can also contact me at matudoroae@yahoo.com . Have a great day! :)


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